5 awesome 3D games for Android that will give any gaming console a run for its money

For the past couple of years, the iPhone ruled in multimedia and gaming matters, however 2011 was the year Android finally stood up to the task, as well. Initially, Google’s mobile OS was pretty restricted in multimedia – you couldn’t even find a good music player on the Market, but today, there are plenty of awesome media players, as well as some pretty wicked games.

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, here are a few 3D games you should check out to see just how great the platform has become at gaming – their quality is easily comparable to that of PSP and Nintendo DS games and it supersedes the PlayStation One and Two, and that is definitely nothing to scoff at.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

The Modern Combat series is one of the most successful first person shooters for Android and iOS, and Fallen Nation is by far the best game yet. The premise and story is very similar to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series for PC and the Xbox, but what’s really impressive is the graphics and sound quality – Modern Combat 3 looks and feels amazing for a smartphone game (in fact, it’s even better than many PSP and older PC titles). The touch screen controls aren’t bad either, and you’ll go through the 13 missions in a breeze – if you like FPS games, Fallen Nation is a must have.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

If you’re a fan of racing games, you’ve most probably already heard of or even tried Need for Speed Shift – the best game in the series for smartphones. Well, Asphalt 6 is even better! You can race 42 cars in 55 events and 11 leagues, collecting the cars in your own 3D garage along the way. The graphics quality is nothing short of amazing, as are the audio and special effects. The accelerometer and touch screen controls are also the best in class – everything is smooth and precise, unlike many other games. At the asking price of $1, this game is a must have for anyone with an Android phone.


Shadowgun can easily be called THE smartphone game of 2011. It came out for both iOS and Android and it has shattered everyone’s view of just how good smartphone/tablet games can be. The graphics and special effects quality are at the top of the charts, with the story and gameplay following close behind. You play as the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter, sent to hunt down a maniacal scientist with his own personal army of cyborgs and genetically enhanced mutants, and with the latest weapons and your own AI assistant, SARA, you’ll have to fight your way through several levels and hack terminals to get to your target. This game is a must have on any compatible Android smartphone and especially tablet!

AirAttack HD

AirAttack HD puts you in the pilot seat of a WW2-era warbird, and lets you fly missions to bomb bases, hunt submarines, dogfight other planes in the air, escort and protect your squadron’s bombers from enemy fighters and more. There are 8 missions with 58 different types of enemy craft, a lot of weapons and upgrades for your plane, destructible buildings on the ground (as collateral damage), great music and awesome graphics – if you like warbirds and flight simulators, you should try this game.

Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory is one of the best indie games to come out this year for Android. It puts you in control of a gladiator in the arena, and lets you fight others to entertain the viewers. There are no rules, and the fights are to the death – choose your weapons and armor well and learn how to attack and defend yourself. The swipe and slash controls work great, and the 3D graphics are pretty awesome, especially when you know that the game is completely free.

There are a lot of other great games on the Android Market, and it looks like we’ll see tons more this year – after all, smartphones are set on replacing portable gaming consoles in people’s pockets, and with the latest hardware, they’re doing a great job at it. If you like to play a good game once in a while whenever you’re bored, be sure to check out the above five – they’re pretty darn impressive.