First iPad Car Insurance Comparison App Launched

Before the recent launch of the MoneySupermarket car insurance app it was relatively difficult to compare the price of new policies on your iPad.

However, now the iPad version of the app is available to download you do not need to sit crouched over your keyboard in the study to check out various quotes from some of the top insurance firms.

You can instead pull out your Apple tablet and enjoy the opportunity to save money on car insurance from the comfort of your sofa.

The app was initially only compatible with the iPhone but it has since been optimised for the iPad, so you can enjoy all of the comparison-based functionality but on a device with a larger display.

Users of the app will need to create an account with MoneySupermarket, which takes just a few minutes and will allow you to log on to both via the app itself and through the desktop website.

All of your information will be saved remotely so you will not need to re-enter every detail if you want to renew your insurance further down the line.

The online integration also means you can save time by retrieving your quotes from any web-enabled device. You could start your search for insurance policies on your iPad and confirm your choice from your work PC.

The interface of the app is uncomplicated, although it contains a very comprehensive set of comparison tools which will go to work to bring you insurance policies from over 100 companies.

Policies will be organised according to their cost and you can also see whether they include common features such as courtesy-car provision and windscreen repair.

The price of insurance will be listed both annually and monthly and each offer will allow you to easily get in contact with the relevant company to find out more and potentially complete the transaction.

If you have a Wi-Fi only iPad then you can use the app whenever you are in range of a hotspot to which you have access.

Those with a 3G-enabled iPad will be able to compare the cost of car insurance wherever there is network coverage.

The app developers were aware of the potentially temperamental nature of connectivity and for that reason the software will remember where you were up to in the comparison process if you lose your network for some reason, so that you can resume without having to repeat any steps.

The app is free to download and is the first free car-insurance price-comparison app to emerge for the iPad, with average savings of up to £374.93 available to customers.