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Android is one of the top operating systems for mobile devices, and it becomes significantly better every year, with every new version bringing a lot of great features and improvements in tow. The latest version, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, is by far the best mobile OS yet, but even the previous Android 2.3 and 3.0 are excellent on any device. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet and want to better manage your time, money and everyday life, here is a short collection of the top apps I recommend:


QuickOffice is one of the top solutions for working with documents on your smartphone or tablet. The suite has support for all of the popular file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, letting you view, edit and create beautiful and informative documents from scratch, right on your mobile device. The latest update also brings support for Evernote and Catch notes, access to Egnyte, Google Docs, Dropbox, MobileMe and other online file storage services, with support for synchronization, of course. You can save a lot of time by reviewing your work documents on the go on a small tablet or smartphone as opposed to a laptop or desktop computer.


Evernote is the premier note taking app for any platform, and its Android application is just as good as the award winning iOS and Mac apps. You can use Evernote to save all of your ideas for later review in the form of text, photos, video or audio with notes, tags and descriptions. Furthermore, you can create To Do and task lists out of the ideas you previously jotted down, email or tweet anything right from the app, and sync all your data with other devices running Evernote or the remote storage space provided by the service, which is useful if you want to be able to access your notes at all times, from anywhere.


This free task and To Do list management app combines simplicity with advanced features like no other application, and if you value your time and want to be able to quickly plan and schedule tasks, you should definitely check it out. The interface is clean and uncluttered, giving you just enough functionality to be able to plan most of your tasks, but if you need to set up an advanced reminder, share a task, create a list or do something else, you can easily do it using the features hidden under the various menus and tabs.


eWallet is a veteran on the mobile market, having been around since the days of Windows Mobile 5, and it’s still going strong. The app is basically a secure locker that can be used to store any kind of information and even files. You can use it to save your usernames and passwords, credit card and bank account numbers, flight information, your schedule and any other information that you need to keep safe. The 256 bit AES encryption practically guarantees that nobody but you will be able to access the data – though you do have to choose one strong master password and remember it.

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is the best task and schedule management app I’ve seen for Android – it’s the perfect replacement for the standard Android Calendar if you need something that will actually help you get things done instead of getting in your way. You can use Pocket Informant to manage your daily schedule, your tasks and even small projects. The app supports the GTD methodology and has a very nice interface as well – be sure to check it out even if you’re content with the default Calendar app!

Sure enough, there are plenty of other great apps for managing your time and money on the Android Market, but I believe the above five to be among the best, and if you’re looking for something to help you with your daily work and life, you should give them a try – they’re definitely worth the money.