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It is very difficult to mention any aspect of Information Technology without the names Apple or MAC being uttered. Apple is one of the top companies in the technology industry and they do not appear to be slowing down any time soon. Sadly, some in the industry have been giving Apple the backseat when it comes to their IT departments but this trend seems to be changing in Apple’s favor.

Apple MAC Qualification

One of the main reasons for ignoring Apple and all it offers would be the huge popularity of their main competitor, Microsoft. Microsoft has led the business world with their products and software for many years without Apple making many waves. It would be difficult in the past to walk into office not full of PCs running one of the many Windows platforms. Today, this trend is changing and it is changing rapidly due to some of the latest technology coming from Apple.

The iPad and iPhone have made huge waves in the IT industry and many companies are now purchasing MACs to go along with these stand alonemicro computers. It is much easier to integrate them with a MAC than a PC so companies are quickly switching over to Apple’s delight. Apple are a great company to follow and when you are Apple certified you will be making your chances of getting a job so much higher.

Industry critics say that Apple will have to find a way to respond to changes in the Asian markets which mean that the iPhone will no longer remain the hottest commodity in mobile phones. Competitors such as Lenovo are putting the pressure on Apple to diversify and offer cheaper alternatives in their product line: something the tech giant has hitherto avoided for fear of watering down their brand.

The hottest news this week are the rumours of the new ‘iPhone Math’. The name of the phone is not confirmed, the source being the China Times and leaving tech fanatics wondering if something has been lost in translation. So what the rumoured specifics on the new phone? Well, it will allegedly have a much larger screen display. The iPhone is now competing with the ‘phablet’ category of phones, which is currently led by Samsung’s Galaxy S3 model. Stores are also not having to work hard to sell Samsung galaxy ace handsets. The larger screen display is said to come with an 8 megapixel camera, like it’s stablemate the future iPhone 5S.

The ‘iPhone Math’ will also be made of plastic – significantly lessening the cost of a phone with an aluminium casing. Will Asian customers care if a cheaper casing lets them pick up a cheaper machine? Probably not. Although the beautiful design of Apple technology is appreciated everywhere, customers will probably care more about what’s inside the box and how they can adapt it to their needs. Give them a phone that works well and they will continue to plonk down cash for mobile.

All these releases put the total of Apple phones released in 2013 to three. That’s much more than the company has previously put out in any year. But, as with the arrival of the iPad Mini device, Apple has shown that is willing to adapt the strategies of its competitors in the global market. With the announcement of their recent drop in profits, Apple will surely do anything they can in order to stay on top.