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Given up on the Nook? Barnes & Noble think that you need to give it another look. No, no, not just because of the hardware involved. Barnes and Noble think that you should be looking at the Nook because of the kicked up Nook Video catalog. There’s UltraViolet being moved into the HD and HD+ offerings, and that means that there’s definitely something to look at.

B & N are mixing things up by getting more aggressive with the movie studios and other content providers of high-end video content. The HD and HD+ tablets have made a nice stir, but B&N don’t want to just stop there. There’s going to be a lot more SD and HD movies coming down the pipe. This really gives you a nice chance to get more content on your device, along with some new Nook Video apps to access all of that glorious content.

UltraViolet is on the scene as well. If you’re not in the loop when it comes to UltraViolet, don’t worry about it. We’ll fill you in. You see, a lot of people cite “ease of access” when it comes to why they pirate movies in the first place. UltraViolet aims to make that less of an excuse through giving you cloud based movie watching. Instead of having to lug around a bunch of movies everywhere you go, you simply tap into the UltraViolet experience.

Don’t forget that you have other options than just UV, but UV makes it easy because you can even look at your movie “cloud” while you’re on the road. So even if you’re not going to do Apple TV or anything like that, you’re still going to be covered regardless.

There’s something important to be said here — not every movie is automatically in UltraViolet. There’s preference for Blu-ray discs, but more and more movies are being added to the UV collection. You will be able to watch your movie in a digital format across a wide range of devices. You can even stream it if you have the Movies by Flixster app. There are also some smart TVs that hook into the UltraViolet system now.

Setting it up isn’t difficult at all. You just need to get a code that comes with whatever DVD you purchased.

UltraViolet is aimed towards Blu-Ray, but it’s still a nifty way to get your movies in the cloud. There will be other movies coming out that automatically give you an UV option.

Check it out along with the Nook Video catalog — you will not be disappointed.