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Sometimes technology moves a lot faster than we would like it to. If you blink, chances are good that you’re going to miss something, and it can be often a big shift that you weren’t looking for. As more and more people embrace tablets like the iPad — and now the iPad 3 — the question has to be asked: does that mean netbooks are dead? We’re not so sure about that.

Don’t get us wrong — tablets are pretty school, and the touchscreen technology is nice when you really need to be super portable. However, there’s just no getting around the things that you have to give up in order to make the super portable tag really stick, and that’s part of the problem. It can be getting hard to get people to buy into the tablet with all of the limitations. You’re going to have to give up some of those USB ports, along with screen size and hard drive space.

You’re not going to always have the same specs that you would be used to with a netbook, but if you can get over that there’s a wide world that awaits you with tablets.

Still, we think that netbooks are going to have their place in the industry for a very long time. Not everyone is good with touchscreen technology, and that means that a keyboard and a mouse are going to be your standby classics when it comes to the input side of the equation. In addition, you will also need to think about the type of experience that you want. If you’re going to be working in front of a screen for a while, you’re going to need that keyboard and mouse more than you think. Business travelers on the go are probably going to reach for the netbook over the tablet just because the idea of sending a lot of email on a touchscreen sounds like its own little circle of hell — but that’s just us. If your experience has been different, feel free to sign off about it in the comments.

Not sure what netbooks to even look at right now? We did some digging and found a bunch that you should enjoy:

First, you have to check out the Toshiba Mini MB305-N410BN, which sports a nice new Atom processor and a lot of design tweaks. It’s a sign that Toshiba was definitely listening to their fanbase when they came out with this remake. The price isn’t bad at $399, and gives you a little more functionality than the classic tablets do.

We also couldn’t pass up the Asus Eee PC 1015PN. You get a dual-core processor along with Nvidia Ion graphics. Itís top of the line, but if you’re really doing your comparison shopping you’re bound to find a few better copies with only a slightly higher price tag.

We also found the Samsung NF310, which is also a 10-inch netbook model. It’s got a lot of good reviews from the early adopters, which is always a good sign. Samsung isn’t always known for producing products like this, but they do definitely take a lot of different things into consideration.

Overall, does all of this mean that the netbook is dead? Hardly — manufacturers are still going to produce netbooks because they know that for everyone that wants a tablet, there really are people that don’t want tablets at all. You just need to know what to do and where to go from here as far as your purchasing needs go. Check it out today!