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The Smartphone market is absolutely intense at the moment, with new models from major companies like Sony Ericsson and Apple set to hit the shops in the near future, meaning that Samsung has a lot riding on its new model – the Galaxy s2. This is a pretty expensive phone, with a monthly cost of £35 and a total of £519.99 SIM-free, meaning that the firm from Korea needs to be able to justify this hefty price tag with their latest model, which it has described as the natural successor to its finest Smartphone thus far.

Fortunately the Samsung Galaxy S2 lives up to both the hype and the price tag, offering a combination of brilliantly sharp picture quality, great technology and innovative design, ensuring that there is not much to criticise with the phone. The design, which abandons the standard all-metal chassis, for a combination of metal and plastic, ensures that the Samsung Galaxy s2 rivals models by competitors, such as the Xperia Arc from Sony Ericsson, for the title of lightest, slimmest Smartphone on the market. Some might consider the plastic a little on the flimsy side, but the mesh design on the rear of the phone is very effective in ensuring that the phone does not become uncomfortably warm when you are using it for an extended period.

The Samsung Galaxy s2 also offers impressive tech to impress geeks, with Super AMOLED plus screen providing a display which can scarcely be faulted either for sharpness or brightness, an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and a fine 8.1MP camera with LED flash. On the downside, one of the few criticisms that could viably be made is that the operating system is perhaps not the easiest to use, while the excess of app software and options for customisation that you may be required to delete will be somewhat tiresome for all but the geekiest of mobile enthusiasts.