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Let’s be frank with ourselves, simply having a mobile phone just isn’t enough these days. What is instead necessary is to own a smartphone, as the need to surf the net, instant message friends and enjoy social media interaction are all paramount. The problem is that these smartphones often cost bundles, which either seriously limit our relationship with the modern way of life, or leave a huge dent in our pockets. Fortunately however, there are a few – just a few – decent smartphones that are attractively cheap.

Pantech Flex

With a motive of providing consumers with ‘simplicity’, the Pantech Flex is everything it says on the tin and more. One wouldn’t expect a phone costing less than 50 quid to include either 4G LTE or Android 4.0; and so one could imagine my delight upon realising this phone had both.

The perks with the Pantech Flex is that there is little wrong with the phone and so much that is right – at least for the price it’s going at.

Well there are of course some things that aren’t quite right with the Pantech Flex, but what would one expect from a phone that costs a fraction of the price other similarly capable smartphones are worth? The 8-megapixel camera isn’t the most efficient for example, but I’m pretty sure consumers will overlook any of the mistakes in favour of the cheap price.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What more can be said about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Brilliant performance, the sheer power of Ice Cream Sandwich and the speed of Verizon’s LTE network are just a few appraisals that can be afforded to this beast of a machine.

The design is neat, smart and business-like and best of all, the phone’s cheap! Despite the phone’s lack of an expandable memory slot, as well as there being no support for Google Wallet on the phone, and of course the 5-megapixel camera not being too good; the Galaxy Nexus is the kingpin of cheap mobile phones.

Nokia Lumia 900

First and foremost, let’s have it right, Windows phones haven’t got the best of reputation amongst tech consumers at the moment. However, the Nokia Lumia 900 is an exception with the smartphone being pretty fly for a Windows mobile.

LTE speeds, a great 4.3 inched screen along with an 8-megapixel camera are just some of the perks this phone has to offer. Add that to a great 720p video phone camera, along with a quirky design that you may just end up loving, and you’ll understand why the Nokia Lumia 900 made it unto this list.

Available for under £100, this smartphone isn’t quite as cheap as the Galaxy Nexus however and therefore isn’t quite as fantastic. Nonetheless, the Lumia 900’s a good option for a cheap smartphone.