The Pantech Element – Waterproof and Ready for Anything

Water — the highest enemy of tech gadgets everywhere. If you really want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with gadgets that fail on you — even with the white rice bag trick — you’re going to need to make sure that you start thinking about something waterproof.

And if you’re going to need to go with something waterproof, we really can’t think of anything that would honestly be better than going with the Pantech Element. It’s a waterproof tablet on AT&T, if the carrier matters to you. It’s an LTE device, so if you’ve been tired of not going with the fastest devices on the network, you might have quite a bit of positive feature waiting for you. After all, who doesn’t like speed?

Let’s go into why this tablet should be on your list. The waterproof feature is one of the top things that the Element brings to the party, but the truth is that there’s more to this tablet.

The display is decent at 1028×768 TFT XGA. There’s also a nice battery — 6,400 mAh should keep you going strong for a long time, especially on a tablet.

The outer design is all about plastic, unfortunately. However, the construction still looks sound and it keeps the tablet as light as possible.

There’s 16GB of internal storage on this bad boy, but if you want to expand to 32GB it will let you do that as well. There’s also HDMI out, along with micro-USB and an easily accessed SIM.

So, what about that waterproof thing? We’re getting to that. There are grooved plastic flaps that can keep water at bay for about 30 minutes at about one foot. So if you drop your phone into the pool you’re still boned, but if you spill something onto your tablet you could still be pretty protected. It just depends. Keep in mind that the volume rocker doesn’t have the waterproofing, so be careful and still keep that gadget protection insurance handy!

There’s a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. So clearly, this isn’t going to be the one that takes all of your high resolution photos. There’s a 5 megapixel beauty on the back of the tablet, so you will still be able to take those pictures.

Battery life is really, really good here — about 9 hours, depending on what you do. It can even go up to about 12 hours under the right conditions. LTE users will not see 12 hours — 9 hours seems to be the standard here.

This is going to be an Android tablet, clearly. Pantech has loaded 3.2 on the tablet, which is skinned. You still have plenty of great space to install the apps that you like.

Overall, should you think more about this 8-inch tablet? If you need to be on the go, it’s a nice mid-range tablet. It’s $299 w/ a 2 year from AT&T. If you think you might want more features, it’s better to go ahead and trade up. On the other hand, if you’re looking with something to hold you over until upgrade time, this might be the device you’ve been looking for. Check it out for yourself today! You’ll be glad you did!